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Wayne Peart Insurance Agencies provides drivers in the Syracuse, UT area with full coverage car insurance for your protection. Whether you need insurance for your new teen driver or coverage that is all encompassing for the family, we have just what you need. As an auto insurance company, our insurance brokers are knowledgeable and capable of answering all your pertinent questions.

Syracuse families looking for an auto insurance agency near them can get qualified advice from our agents about coverage. If you have a teenage kid learning to drive or getting their first car, make sure they are safe in case of an accident. Teens are sometimes impulsive and distracted, so it is a good idea to get full coverage auto insurance. There are great car insurance deals for the whole family and we would be glad to create a custom policy for you.


There are various types of auto insurance coverage options to choose from. Depending on your needs, we can put together a good plan for you. Our professional staff of insurance agents can evaluate which coverage selections would benefit you and your family most. Car insurance doesn’t have to be complicated if you have the right insurance agency to assist you. To give you a better idea of what we offer, these are some of the auto insurance policy options you can add on:

  • Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist Insurance
  • Medical Payment, or No-Fault Car Insurance
  • Comprehensive Auto Insurance
  • Bodily Injury, or Full Coverage Auto Insurance
  • Property Damage Car Insurance
  • Collision Auto Insurance
  • Rental Car Reimbursement Coverage
  • Roadside Assistance

Auto insurance policies that include collision coverage will pay for damage to your car after an accident. On the other hand, a comprehensive insurance policy covers a variety of car damages, some of which could include vandalism, theft or natural disasters. Property damage insurance is used to protect you from the liability you would incur from damages to another motorist’s car. Other forms of auto insurance can get you out of a bind if you accidentally crash a rental car or need help with a flat tire.

You could get great car coverage to fit your needs and maintain a reasonable price. We put our customer’s safety before anything else. Don’t hesitate to ask our car insurance agents what would work best and save you money. They will make your needs and concerns a top priority.


Wayne Peart Insurance Agencies is an auto insurance company that provides full coverage to motorists in Syracuse, UT. Protect your teenage kids and other family members when they’re out on the road by purchasing quality auto insurance. In case of a collision, our insurance can help you with the liability of car damages and bodily injuries to you or the other driver. Full coverage auto insurance can provide roadside assistance, cover medical expenses and car repair costs.

You never know when an accident might happen and blind side you when you are out and about. Things like this always happen when you least expect them. If a car crash does happen, you will want insurance coverage that will take care of any damages or injuries. That’s why car insurance coverage is so important and necessary. Get started today by calling an auto insurance provider near you at (801) 779-2886.

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Did you know that we can customize many insurance types of plans to fit your unique coverage needs? Contact us today for more information!


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