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Auto Insurance

Good drivers are responsible ones!

At Wayne Peart Insurance Agencies, one of the most important components of your financial portfolio is auto insurance. When you get car insurance, you are protecting your means of transportation, which represents a large monetary investment. It also includes protecting your financial well-being and future.

Relieve yourself from the liabilities

You may know that the state of Utah requires motorists to carry both liability and no-fault insurance coverage, whether you are a daily commuter or making the occasional trip to the grocery store, auto insurance is obligatory by law. Having good auto insurance facilitates the burden an accident puts on the family. For the damaged vehicle, the insurance company will work with you to get it repaired. Auto insurance will also help cover the expenses incurred because of auto accident injuries.

General Car Insurance

The part of your car insurance policy that protects you in the event of theft or damage to your vehicle is comprehensive coverage. It covers you for vandalism, road risks, and glass breakage in most cases. Collision coverage provides insurance of your vehicle for incidents that might occur while you’re driving, such as rollovers and car accidents. The investment is small as compared to all the benefits they offer. In the case of financing your vehicle purchase, you are required to carry these auto insurance coverages.

Auto Insurance Policy

When you choose full coverage car insurance, you will be protected by bodily injury coverage for your co-travelers, and those who may be involved. Property damage coverage offers compensation in the incident you hurt somebody else’s property or vehicle. Uninsured and underinsured driver coverage, roadside assistance, medical payment coverage, and rental car compensation are the options for your auto insurance policy. We have the ability to shop around on your behalf, and find the highest level of coverage for the lowest expense.

Did you know that we can customize many insurance types of plans to fit your unique coverage needs? Contact us today for more information!


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