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Complete Insurance Coverage

Wayne Peart Insurance Agencies is ATV insurance experts. Getting insurance for your recreational vehicle is like covering your home and your car, all in one. Our experienced professionals will educate you about our specialty products to cover your recreational vehicle and accessories.

Independent Insurance Agency

ATV is much more than simply a method of transportation. It makes it crucial to obtain specialty ATV insurance coverage. It insures you for the liability and accidents that might happen on the road; along with the coverage of your investment and personal property. We also offer the coverage for roadside emergencies, and help cover the cost of extra expenses that can accompany them. Whatever size your ATV might be, we can find the perfect coverage to meet your requirements

Customized Insurance Policy

Your ATV represents a significant recreation investment. When you are riding, the main thing you will want to know is whether you hold the right insurance coverage. With a modified All-Terrain Vehicle insurance policy from Wayne Peart Insurance Agencies, you can travel with assurance knowing that you are appropriately insured. You will get the ATV Insurance you want and the security you deserve; no matter what size or type of vehicle you have; 4-wheeler, dune buggy or a golf cart.

ATV Insurance Coverage

Our knowledgeable customer service staff will take the time to talk to you and to learn about your needs. This helps us to find the ideal level of ATV insurance coverage, saving you time and money along with hassle-free service. Our ATV insurance includes collision coverage for damage from trees, rocks, and other obstacles, comprehensive coverage for loss or damage from theft, fire, or destruction, property damage to cover other property’s liability, bodily injury for medical expenses, and uninsured motorist insurance for uninsured riders.

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