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Although you probably know that your landlord’s insurance won’t cover the loss or damage of your personal property, you may still be undecided about buying renters insurance. A quick review of the protection this affordable coverage can provide should convince you.

Renters Insurance Protects Your Possessions

When you’re a renter, providing insurance protection for your individual belongings is your responsibility. A renters policy gives you the security of knowing that your clothing, electronics, furnishings and other goods will be covered in case of loss or damage. Some policies for renters cover the current cash value of your property, while others cover the cost to replace things. A good policy will even include losses that occur away from your rental unit, such as the loss or theft of luggage when you are traveling. Keep in mind that your basic renters policy will only cover each item to a maximum amount; consider additional coverage if any of your things are expensive.

Renters Insurance Protects Your Guests

If a friend or family member is injured while visiting you, renters insurance can help pay their medical bills, whether that means just a quick trip to the ER or recurring doctor visits or physical therapy. You’ll also have liability coverage that can offset other costs and losses that your injured visitor may incur. This liability protection even extends to covering attorney fees if you are sued.

One important consideration to note is that your claims can be denied if there’s proof of negligence or criminal behavior on your part. Be sure to read your policy carefully, and stay on the right side of the terms by being a responsible renter.

Renters Insurance Protects Your Savings

If you don’t have proper insurance coverage, you’re on the hook for all losses and damage when things go wrong. That means your cash savings may have to be spent to replace objects and pay bills; likewise, you may need to sell your physical assets to raise cash for expenses.

Your renters insurance liability coverage means your savings and other assets are safeguarded in the event of disasters, accidents, theft and many other types of loss. Plus, a provision known as “loss of use” can reimburse some of your expenses if you are temporarily displaced from your rental home.

Buying renters insurance is clearly the safe and smart bet if you’re a tenant. When you’re ready to enjoy the protection of this vital coverage, contact Wayne Peart Insurance for your free quote.

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